Scatter millions of instances in seconds - create wind-swept forests or animated crowds and render them directly inside 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D!

With Carbon Scatter you can:

  • Render billions of polygons easily thanks to lightning fast instancing
  • Convert to native instances for rendering without Carbon Scatter
  • Render with any renderer including GPU path-tracers (Octane, VRayRT, ...)
  • Populate millions of instances per second!
  • Use PlantFactory models and customize them using the Plant Editor
  • Interactive population change a setting, Carbon Scatter repopulates in a blink
  • Add/modify instances with your mouse using jitter, raise, repel, attract, lean... brushes
  • Populate in all directions around objects
  • Animate instances (including wind in plants) with full de-phasing control
  • Control placement, height, size, orientation... using bitmaps or procedural graphs
  • Create populations with multiple layers and control how they influence each other
  • Scatter inside/along curves, stack instances (e.g. to create piles of rubble on a path)
  • Ships with over 100 3D plant species (with variations!) and 130+ billboard trees

What can Carbon Scatter do for you?

Check the Showcase section for more sample images >>


"Carbon Scatter takes what seems to be a complex task, and makes it simple. The Carbon Scatter Pro is a no-brainer, worth every cent!" - Paul Crumrine

"Carbon Scatter is perfect, it has all the tools to build a complete scene quickly. I considered several other products prior to choosing Carbon Scatter (SpeedTree, Forest Pack and trees from XFrog), but Carbon Scatter gave me the best library of quickly renderable plants. I love this product!" - Roger Barnes

"I really love Carbon Scatter and use it in my productions. The features like 360 population, the lean out feature on low density or the edge of population, or Eco-stacking are really nice additions, and the result looks natural." - Christoph Schindelar

"It's great to find the power of VUE's EcoSystem technology inside the host application." - Laurent Rodriguez

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