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On top of the PDF documentation that ships with each product, the Carbon Scatter Documentation is also available online (WIKI format) here:

New in Carbon Scatter 2015.5

Carbon Scatter 2015.5 redesigned Content browser

PlantFactory 2015 compatibility* (Requires PlantFactory 2015.2 or higher)

  • New ultra-realistic wind animation model.
  • Edit and animate new plant species.
  • Seamlessly edit plants in PlantFactory.
  • Create and save new species directly to your Carbon Scatter library.

Redesigned Content browser

  • Handle large numbers of files swiftly.
  • Display large previews of your items, instantly change the size of previews.
  • Show collections as individual tabs or as a hierarchy of folders.
  • Easily find content using the quick search field to search inside a specific collection or throughout all collections.
  • Identify recently used items through a dedicated tab.
  • Highlight your favorite items and view them all in the Favorites tab.

Maya Convert Tool

  • Convert your populations to native Maya instances to render them with your renderer of choice.
  • Freely share your scenes without requiring the Carbon Scatter plugin to be installed.

Adds support for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya 2016.

And more...

New in Carbon Scatter 2015

Watch the Carbon Scatter 2015
presentation video on YouTube

  • Load PlantFactory Vegetation into your EcoSystems*
  • Import animated PlantFactory plants (duration and frame rate are user-definable)*
  • Ability to choose up to 4 variations per plant (standard CSVEZ plants and new TPF plants*), after saving them to the CSPLT format
  • Replace any specimen in a population by another specimen (native object or Carbon Scatter plant)
  • Save EcoSystem materials
  • Two levels of detail for plants in the foreground and in the background (distance to camera threshold is user-definable)
  • New EcoSystem Painter, with advanced brush editor
  • Redesigned Function Editor for improved performance on modern computer displays
  • Compatibility with Team Render (C4D Network Rendering)
  • Improved the display quality of billboards in real-time previews for CS/TPF* plants
  • Convert your Carbon Scatter populations to native instances in 3ds Max and Cinema4D
  • Compatibility with V-Ray 3 and with V-Ray RT
  • * Support for the PlantFactory file format requires Carbon Scatter Pro

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