PlantFactory Compatibility

PlantFactory Lily of the Valley

Carbon Scatter is natively compatible with PlantFactory content (even if you don't have a copy of PlantFactory), including plants with wind animation!

Carbon Scatter allows you to tweak the look of PlantFactory vegetation using the Plant Editor, which exposes plant properties (such as Health, Seasonality or any other published plant parameter).

In Short

  • Load PlantFactory Vegetation into your EcoSystems.
  • Import animated PlantFactory plants (duration and frame rate are user-definable).
  • Ability to choose up to 4 variations per plant (standard CSVEZ plants and new TPF plants).
  • Ultra-realistic wind animation model.
  • Edit new plant species within the Plant Editor.
  • Seamlessly edit plants in PlantFactory.
  • Create and save new species directly to your Carbon Scatter library.

PlantFactory Nursery

Following the release of PlantFactory, many artists have joined the Cornucopia3D Brokering program to share and sell their PlantFactory content.

Hosted on Cornucopia3D, the Nursery offers direct access to all the PlantFactory content available there:

The PlantFactory Nursery currently includes over 300 plant species, and is growing rapidly. Most of the content is fully animated (wind and breeze), and includes automatic age and health settings.


SolidGrowthCS is a special version of SolidGrowth, e-on's unique vegetation technology. SolidGrowthCS plants are prepared from their SolidGrowth counterparts and precomputed for seamless operation using native instancing capabilities.

SolidGrowthCS plants are available in 2 levels of detail (user controllable).

Add diversity to your EcoSystems!

The SolidGrowthCS format allows you to generate up to 4 variations of each plant species. By default, each plant species ships pre-computed once (i.e. each plant is available as one single geometry), but you can easily add more diversity to each species by choosing a higher number of variations . The number of variations to generate is user controllable.

If you decide to increase the number of variations of a given species, additional variations (shape, height etc...) will be generated and saved in all corresponding proxy file formats (native, mental ray or V-Ray proxies).

Once processed, the variations are automatically embedded into the SolidGrowthCS species, so this operation needs to be done only once.

When added to an EcoSystem, each instance of the SolidGrowthCS plant will be automatically and randomly populated using one of the embedded variations.

Carbon Scatter Content

Carbon Scatter ships with a collection of 100+ SolidGrowthCS plant species. All these plants can be edited thanks to a dedicated Plant Editor.

Carbon Scatter also supports billboard trees (textured planes that always face the camera) which can be used to render distant forests faster than with geometrical trees.

An additional collection of 134 billboard trees is provided with Carbon Scatter.

Carbon Scatter also supports the .VEG SolidGrowth plants (the VUE format) and the PlantFactory .TPF format.

You can extend this collection with hundreds of customized species from Cornucopia3D.

Carbon Scatter Content browser

Convenient Content browser

  • Handle large numbers of files swiftly.
  • Display large previews of your items, instantly change the size of previews.
  • Show collections as individual tabs or as a hierarchy of folders.
  • Easily find content using the quick search field to search inside a specific collection or throughout all collections.
  • Identify recently used items through a dedicated tab.
  • Highlight your favorite items and view them all in the Favorites tab.

Create Your Own Plants Species

Watch the video on YouTube

Carbon Scatter lets you easily customize any of the plants included with Carbon Scatter and allows creation of your own, unique plant species.

Adjust the settings for the entire plant, or work on individual subsets of the plant (trunk, branches leaves...). Textures for any subset can be edited or replaced, so you can use your own pictures and scans to create new realistic leaves and trunks.

Your newly created plants can be saved as specimens for later use. Since each plant is based on the SolidGrowth technology, each new plant you will create will look slightly different, yet the overall characteristics of the species will be preserved.

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