Making of Ancient Egypt

This article will guide you through the various steps to reproduce the Ancient Egypt image above using Carbon Scatter.


This video will show you how to use the EcoPhasing feature of Carbon Scatter to create a wheatfield, blowing in the breeze.

Native Splines

This video shows how to easily populate your scene and manipulate your EcoSystems using your host application's Spline technology.

Location with Image Maps

This video demonstrates a quick and easy way to control the location of your EcoSystem populations using simple image maps.

Mixed Material

This video shows how to easily control your populations using mixed materials and environmental variable (altitude, slope, ...).

Altitude & Slope Constraint

This video shows how you can control the presence of instances inside the current layer based on the environment constraints such as slope or altitude.

Affinity & Repulsion

This video shows the affinity and repulsion options in Carbon Scatter. EcoSystem layers can influence one another.

Painting Tools

This video shows various painting tools.

Frustum Culling Option

This video shows the Frustum Culling options.

EcoSystem Painting

The EcoSystem painting tool (EcoPainter) lets you interactively paint EcoSystems over any surface.

Layered EcoSystem

EcoSystems behave just like regular materials.

360 EcoSystem Population

Stacking and Curve Areas

EcoSystem Phasing Example 2



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